My professional experience

Registered nurse assigned to surgical and various other departments of the Psychiatric University Hospital Zürich PUK.

Clinical Psychologist on ward specializing in the psychotherapeutic treatment of dual-diagnosis patients (addiction disorders and personality disorders or psychosis), providing individual, group and family therapy and diagnostic clarifications and also further education of nursing staff, Psychiatric University Hospital Zürich PUK.


Psychotherapist, clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist on the men’s wing of the Forel Klinik (specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction), responsible for clarifications of memory and frontal brain functions and also concept development and research in the field of neuropsychological sequelae in alcohol-related diseases, Ellikon an der Thur.


Counseling and short-term therapy sessions (for individuals, couples and families) for the eff-zett Familienberatung, Zug.


Since 2010 I have been working as an independent Registered Psychotherapist in my own practice within the Gemeinschaftpraxis Glashof in Zug – a group endeavour with Adrian Kaufmann, Caroline Storz and Karlijn Werquin.